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The Fire Watch Guards have 20 years of expert-level knowledge to identify and implement fire watch procedures to protect your property. Our clients can sleep well at night knowing they are in safe hands.


They know the specific hazards to look for and precisely how to react to any sign of potential danger. In the event of fire, our systems ensure early warning and rapid mobilization to prevent or minimize damage.


Transparency is key. Every activity Fire Watch Guards performs to secure your building is professionally recorded. Organized to meet the standards of state requirements.

Fire Watch Guards
Emergency Response

fire watch guards

Owner's Task

  • Establish fire watch personnel.
  • Notify the building’s monitoring company.
  • Notify the Fire Marshal’s Office and contact the Confidence Testing Unit.
  • Fix the fire protection system(s).

Record Keeping

  • A fire watch log should be maintained at the facility.
  • Make available to the Fire Department
  • Address of the facility.
  • Times that the patrol has completed each tour of the facility.
  • Name of the person conducting the fire watch.
  • Record of the communication(s) to the Fire Department and monitoring company.
  • Record of other information as directed by Fire Department personnel.
fire watch guards

Fire Watch Tasks

  • 15 to 30 minute interval patrols of the entire facility
  • Identify any fire, life or property hazards.
  • Notify the Fire Department if a fire is discovered
  • Notify occupants of the facility of the need to evacuate
  • Maintain a log of Fire Watch activities.
    NOTE: The fire watch personnel will not perform fire-fighting duties beyond the scope of the ordinary citizen.

The Ideal Fire Watch Services Solution
for Your Unique Situation

Large-scale sports venues and concert halls to shopping centers, hotels and motels, office buildings of any size, hospitals, high rises, construction sites, and even entire neighborhoods, you name it–we have a solution for you.

Eliminate the Logistical Headaches, Hire Trained Fire Watch Experts

  • You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you are getting fire watch security guards who have the training, professionalism, and experience to do the job right.
  • If your fire protection system is not working properly or out of commission, you may be required by the Fire Department to provide a fire watch until the system is repaired